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HI 5 CDC  offers Teachers’ International Diploma in Early Years Care & Education which  is useful for ambitious teachers who are looking to learn to identify and understand children’s needs, develop effective classroom management skills and prepare themselves as competent Early Childhood educators. It is a contemporary course tailored for both aspiring as well as existing teachers planning a career in Inclusive early childhood care and education.

Take This Program If You Are

  • Comfortable working with young children

  • Patient and flexible

  • Creative and energetic

  • Caring

  • Empathetic

As an ECCE student, you will  learn how to develop programs and create environments that are child-centred, nurturing and rich with potential for early development.

You  will be prepared to work with young children and their families in a variety of exciting and rewarding roles. You  will be able to participate in the planning and delivery of programs that focus upon healthy child development and develop relationships within the field of early care and learning.

On completion you can find job opportunities by applying for

  • An early years teacher

  • School co-ordinator

  • Day care facilitator

  • Start your own preschool

Next Batch Start in February 2022. Admissions are open. 

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