Sensory Enrichment Therapy 

1 in 6 children has a developmental delay

Sensory Enrichment Therapy™ by Mendability can

helps with a wide range of challenges

What is Sensory Enrichment Therapy™?

Sensory Enrichment Therapy is an evidence-based, patent-pending treatment that uses sensory experiences to enable the brain to compensate for a wide range of challenges.

The treatment involves sensory and motor exercises that concurrently stimulate two or more senses such as olfactory, tactile, visual, balance, motor systems, etc.

Its a home program to be done twice a day,  that parents can follow at home under a continuous guidance from our therapist trained in this program.

Temple Grandin PhD, describes it this way:

Environmental enrichment is an innovative therapy that is easy and simple to do. It may help many children. Environmental enrichment has three innovative features:

1.   Always changing the stimulus

2.  Stimulating two senses simultaneously

3.  One of the senses is always either smell or touch