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MNRI Masgutova Neurosensorimotor Reflex Integration 

What is MNRI Therapy?


MNRI stands for Masgutova Neurosensorimotor Reflex Integration. It was developed by Dr. Svetlana Musgatova, a psychologist out of Russia who felt that the preferred cognitive approach was insufficient when working with children, particularly those who have been through trauma. 

As she developed her method, her research lead her to the work of reflex and developmental techniques.

What Are Reflexes and How Do These Impact Our Kiddos?

Every human inherits primary movement patterns in utero. These brain stem level patterns are innately protective and essential to survival as we grow in utero, during birth and serve as a neurological foundation for development of learned sensory-motor movement patterns as an infant. In fact, they continue to support our development through out our lifespan.  

When a child encounters an event or pathology that interrupts the integration of our primitive reflex the brain can get “stuck” at the brain stem level resulting reduced access to higher level motor skills, social-emotional development and learning. According to Dr. Musgatova and the MRNI approach, reflexes are categorized and defined based on their role in protection/survival, motor action, and level of neurophysiological circuits. Reflex can be defined as simple or complex and further categorized at central dynamic, central postural, peripheral dynamic and peripheral postural (2013, 2019, Svetlana Musgatova & Svetlana Musgatova Educational Institute for Neuro-Sensory-Motor and Reflex Integration). 

What Does MNRI Therapy Look Like?

Like all modalities and various therapeutic approaches, MNRI therapy assesses the child as an individual, taking into consideration their motor, emotional and sensory performance and needs. MNRI can make up an entire therapy session or it can be coupled with motor exercises to promote the functional use or integration of certain reflexes.

Our Practitioners

Jasmeet Arora - MNRI CORE in Training 

Vinod Tiwari  - MNRI CORE in Training 

To know more about MNRI therapy contact us 

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