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Maximise your child's potential in 12 weeks

BOT is Brain Optimisation Training programme.  BOT applies scientifically-proven methods for helping childen expand their motor skills, coordination, cognitive, and emotional well-being to reach their fullest potential.

  • Brain Activation
  • Developmental Patterns (Reflexes)
  • Sensory Integration
  • Sensory Foundation
  • Rhythm & Balance
  • It's a 12 week program, a one hour group class every Saturday.

  • Program designed to deliver a holistic program - easy to follow for parents. 

  • The  program requires parents to follow the home program  which includes :

    • Reflex Integration activities

    • Functional and sensory development activties

    • Cognitive exercises.

    • Rhythm & Balance activities

  • The activities are customised for child if its a challenge.

  • Counselling session available for parents

  • Demo video of activities are available. 

  • Parents are requested to share video of activities done by their child. 

  • Feedback is provided regularly to the videos.

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Stone Tower


I felt connected to BOT team.

It was very good. I learnt lot of things and skills. I could apply on my kids for helping him. Like balancing his sensory issues, improving his writing skills and brain analysis and many more.

Stone Tower


The exercises improved my sons concentration and reduced hyperactivity. More importantly, he felt happier and showed interest to learn.

I felt BOT is not too intense like occupational therapy, my son was going to. It gave me the opportunity to connect deeply with my child.

Stone Tower


It’s easily the best I have seen in this genre which by itself is unique with a combo of different therapies to get the best results. It breaks down the different therapies and gives it in bite sized chunks to the kids and parents this making it simpler and fun for the kids.


CALL :          

Sonali Pradeep - 9830543226                

Atin Sehgal - 9354445905

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