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When I talk about Hi 5 CDC....I always get a picture in my mind of people celebrating success with fun, joy and love. This is the true meaning of this wonderful organisation, where my daughter Esha has been going for 3 years now.

I admire the holistic approach of the team here, the way every therapist at Hi 5 CDC works hand in hand with parents to bring about change in the children. Hi 5 CDC keep doing seminars and awareness programs for parents and professionals on regular basis. They keep coming up with latest technologies and therapies like Aquatic therapy, Bemer Therapy, HWT, Play therapy, etc. and implement it for the betterment of child.

I thank Hi 5 CDC for all the positive efforts and therapies making difference in lives of our children."

Mrs. Pushpa Modgil

Manager / Company

"I'm happy with the effort put by the team of Hi 5 CDC in their therapies. I appreciate their sharing every bit of my child's developmental progress on regular basis."


Child daignosed with Developmental Delay

"My son likes coming to Hi 5 CDC. After starting therapy at Hi 5 CDC my son has achieved better walking in terms of independency. Every one known to us who see him feel that he has improved a lot and shown positive changes. The team at Hi 5 CDC are kind, friendly and loving. We appreciate the individual attention each child gets from the therapists."

Parent of a Child 

with Cerebral Pasly (16years old)

"Since the time we've started our son with Hi 5 CDC, we've noticed on going positive changes in him in terms of his awareness, eye hand co-ordination, arousal and sitting tolerance to a greater extent. This centre has all the therapies going, through which each and every individual's needs are taken care off. The team of Hi 5 CDC is highly passionate and dedicated towards child's progress.


Hi 5 CDC keep conducting seminars on regular basis which helps us with the awareness of latest treatments and upcoming technologies."

Zohra Padamsee


"More than 3 years ago our 3 years old daughter Veda timidly walked into Hi 5 CDC tightly clutching my hand due to physical limitations. Today she is 6 years of age and she dances in stage and participates in the annual sports event with other children. And we watch her dancing jumping and running with eyes brimming with tears of gratitude and pride. Our heartfelt thanks and blessings, to each and every wonderful member of Hi 5 CDC for filling this happiness in our lives. The devotion with which the therapists at Hi 5 CDC work with every child is remarkable."

Mrs Bharati 


"Hi 5 CDC has been my daughter's first play area/school/ since she was two months old. The entire team has been highly supportive and genuinely concerned. We are happy to see Shanaya achieving all her milestones. We really appreciate the efforts Hi 5 CDC put in."

Parent of a Child 

with Special Needs

"One of the best team I met .. they are doing the best and completely supporting to achieve our goal, thanks to the whole team ot be there all the time.. I am sure with your support the day is not far when we can see Yuvi Walking - Feeling happy"


Mom of a Child diagnosed with CP

"At Hi 5 CDC my child is respected and encouraged to grow.... The therapists at Hi 5 CDC are ready to go that extra mile to make sure the child reaches his potential.... It's been a pleasure to see my child work with the team Hi 5 CDC and build a relationship based on trust and love...."

Mrs. Mary 

Mom of a Child diagnosed with Autism

"I'm coming to Hi 5 CDC since one and half year. Since then I have seen lot of improvement in my child. For families who come from lower or middle class status are also privileged to have the services without any financial bar. The team Hi 5 CDC is very good... they always give one to one individualised attention and children also are comfortable with them. My daughter loves coming to Hi 5 CDC."

Mrs. Jyoti


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